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About 3 years ago now, I was working in an unfulfilling job where my creativity was very underutilised. I was also nursing my Nan at the time and I really resented having to leave home every day, I just wanted to be with her. She became palliative and I was feeling so desperate I actually asked God, the Universe, whoever, for something and an idea just dropped in. This was during Covid, an established horse magazine had put a call out for remote contributors and I had replied with a bunch of story ideas but never heard back. So I had the idea to publish my own magazine. Nan passed away shortly afterwards, she left me some money and I was able to publish the first edition of Equestrienne Magazine. I had no idea how to use any of the software, no background in design or publishing, all I had was good images. I learnt everything from YouTube videos, trial and error and made lots of mistakes! It took me a year to put the first issue together and we have just sent our 7th off to print. Nan spoilt me my whole life, I’m so grateful to her every day for that final, enduring gift she gave me. Sam Cavallo, publisher/editor-in-chief.

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Equestrienne Magazine is a luxe and lifestyle magazine, it’s less results-based with no ‘how to’ articles. It’s made for women who enjoy simple pleasures, everyday luxuries and connecting as a community of horse enthusiasts, owners and riders. We unofficially call it The Australian Horsewomen’s magazine. It’s very beautiful but also very authentic and inclusive. We have a strong focus on women in the equestrian industry –riders, trainers, breeders, artists, and business owners. We publish in depth, long-format articles, horse and rider profiles as well as event coverage and photo stories.  The tone is more conversational and less authoritative. We try to feature people who haven’t had a lot of press already. I think there is a trend of always platforming the same people in other publications but there are actually so many inspiring people out there doing amazing things. We aim to keep a balance of coverage across the equestrian disciplines as well as lifestyle inclusions such as fashion, travel and art in each issue. We always have showjumping reportage as our international correspondent Helen Cruden travels mainly between Grand Prix’s all around the world. Helen’s event photography is world-class, and we are incredibly fortunate to have partnered with her from the beginning. We are also very lucky to have Naomi Hill, Masters of Positive Psychology, on board and her articles bring something very unique and more thought-provoking than anything else you would have read in other horse magazines. Our content is very horse-centric, positive, and inspirational. I love supporting other photographers also though our Luxlife photojournalism section.

Equestrienne Magazine is put together entirely by a small team of women friends who are as passionate about horses as they are about changing the narrative. One of our main points of difference has been moving away from traditional reportage based around competition results, instead we celebrate our love of horses and our lives with them as a common theme which connects us as a community of riders, owners, enthusiasts and supporters.


Equestrienne Magazine is 100% family owned and made. Designed in-house and printed locally.


I'm always open to discussing story ideas, please feel free to reach out.

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