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Photography contest winners announced!

At the end of last year we ran our first photography contest. We received over 100 entries and were absolutely thrilled with the quality of the photos and the caliber of photographers who supported our inaugural contest.

Our contest was made possibly by these amazing sponsors and supporters

Lisa Alexander Photography. Sara Keast Leather. Cowgirls Gathering. Black Colt Clothing. Tanja Kraus Horsemanship. Kennallywood Stud. Hair Test Lab. Rebel Morrow.

These were our 18 amazing finalists printed in our latest issue of the magazine No.6

So out of all those amazing entries, how did we chose our winners? We looked first for the entries which nailed the brief - Life with horses. We then took into consideration creativity, lighting, technical difficulty and editing style. But most of all we chose photos that made us feel something. Because for us, life with horses is all about passion, purpose and connection. Here are our winners!

In order. First prize 'Desert Brumby' Sophie Comiskey. Second prize 'Curiosity' Shanon Smith. Thirs prize 'Sisters' Carling Handford. The Technical prize 'Untamed' Taylor Sims. The Storyteller prize 'For the love of the horse' Roxy Weston. The Artistry award 'Mastery of the Horse'. The People's Choice award 'Tinkerbell at sunset' Abby Fittler.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a photo, shared and voted! We have a few awesome competitions planned this year, please follow us on our socials and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know more info!

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